Lantana Camara & Turk’s Cap ?>

Lantana Camara & Turk’s Cap

One of the most popular plants you see in the nurseries and along our roads is Lantana.  It comes in a diverse amount of colors.  This relative of the Verbena family loves the Texas heat and environment.  It is perennial in central Texas, and can take both a good freeze each year as well as the brutal Texas summer sun once established.  The single color yellow as well as purple varieties tend to stay low to the ground with long…

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Rock Rose ?>

Rock Rose

Now later in the season, the Bluebonnets have faded, and the roadsides turn into a myriad of color.  One of the most commonly seen flowers is the Horsemint or Lemon Beebalm.  This purple flower with long stalks of radiating rings of lavender purple are common to our central Texas area.  They are a member of the mint family and are actually considered an herb.  They are the perfect plant to survive both the long droughts and flooding rainfall in the…

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The State Flower of Texas: The Bluebonnet ?>

The State Flower of Texas: The Bluebonnet

Drive anywhere in the central Texas area and you are bound to spot a native flower blooming along the roadway. With our mild winters and abundance of sunlight, many wildflowers call this place home.  In the spring, the highways and interstates light up with a myriad of color that changes week over week.  This is due in large part to the late Lady Bird Johnson, the former first lady. Always a conservationist at heart, she was a primary reason that…

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